Version 1 (Basic)

This is the first version. It contain bugs and it works only with database sizes up to ~50MB.

The source-code is available in our GitHub repository.

Version 2.3 (Production)

This version has many bug fixes and it works with big databases (up to many GB).

It is a re-engineering of the first version and it is maintained.

It also includes encryption and other additional features.

The source-code and binaries are available under our commercial license.

Free Version (Binaries) for Testing

Limitations: Single table per database + no encryption

LiteReplica 2.3 + SQLite 3.29    Ubuntu 20.04 x64 CentOS 7 x64 Mac Intel


node.js Java Android .NET Python Ruby Go Lua Perl

Comming soon

Wrappers for cordova / phonegap / ionic

For more information contact us